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service and clothing italia

SS&CI Service & Clothing Italia is a strong presence in the field of services for the fashion industry, and was established by Herline Style, one of the leading companies in the sector, in business since 1998. With a staff of over 25 employees, each one trained and specialized in specific stages of production, S&CI has the capacity to centralize the entire process in-house, without the use of external resources: this reduces production times considerably. The company collaborates mainly with managers in the field of mid-to-high fashion and apparel : designers, style offices and fashion companies.


  • A technical office at clients' disposal
  • CAD/Lectra, Gerber and Investronica Plotters, maintained constantly up-to-date
  • Staff kept abreast of new developments with continued training
  • Intranet with dedicated technical manager


the starting point is always a drawing, and the end point is a complete sample collection